Pascal Vu Anh Quan Saken is an international entrepreneur and investor from Vanuatu. He owns shipyards in Phuket, Thailand and also in Argentina (shipyard "Tango" in Buenos Aires). He is also the owner of Yartmarine Co., Ltd., which specializes in the development of shipyards for the maintenance and renovation of luxury yachts in Asia, and he also founded the Shanghai Billionaire Yacht Club, which offers luxury yacht rentals and clubbing to the international jet-set. Luxury Cruiseline Co., Ltd. was also founded by him.

Pascal Saken   Pascal Saken has also a large and outstanding experience in the financial world of especially Asia.

Besides ventures pertaining to ship building and luxury sea travel he is also active in the import/export trade of raw materials, in the mining of precious metals and in the exploitation of large-scale farms.

Mr. Saken has also been a honorary consual for his native Vanuatu. He is also an economic advisor to various African embassies and agent for Africa for Shenzhen Emperor Technology Development Co., Ltd., the biggest security printing company in China.

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